Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wonder Woman Day 2010!

Every year, a very cool nerd named Andy Mangels organizes a big charity auction in Portland, OR and Flemington, NJ where people bid on pictures of everyone's favorite Amazon Princess to raise money for various domestic violence programs. These can be by awesome famous artists like Steve Lieber, Scott Koblish (never heard of him, but that drawing kicks ass!) and the guy who painted what I think is the best entry this year, David Chelsea. Or they can be by schmucks like me who had to look on Wikipedia to determine if Wonder Woman can fly. (And if she can, why does she need an invisible plane?)

I probably should have read David Chelsea's book on perspective a little more closely before I started my own Wonder Woman artwork, because the burning building on the right still looks a little wonky to me - I'm not sure why, because I constructed my grid pretty carefully. I also feel like the architecture in general has the wrong amount of surface detail, though I can't tell if it's too little or too much. I am pretty happy with this piece though, my favorite parts being the firefighter's gesture and Wonder Woman's gams.

Please, please, please check out Andy Mangel's online Wonder Woman Museum. It's as charming and non-creepy as such a thing could feasibly be, and I have shared but a fraction of the terrific auction artwork on display. And of course, if you are in Portland on October 24th, drop a Hamilton on my artwork, for a good cause. (If it doesn't sell, I wonder if I get it back? If so, I will put it on my Etsy store and donate the proceeds to Andy when it sells.)

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  1. I was wondering the same thing... so I wrote to Andy to ask, and he said I got bids, so it must have sold. He wasn't able to tell me how much it went for, as the Bradley Angle House was in charge of that info, and hadn't given it to him yet. I love the perspective you chose to use on your piece, and agree the firefighter's gesture just MAKES it. ~Lavonne


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