Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Ain't No Ponyfarm Fan-Art

My friend Sarah Burrini is visiting Portland this week, all the way from Cologne, Germany! She has a great biweekly webcomic in German AND English called "Life Ain't No Ponyfarm" which I recommend you check out, especially if you "sprechen zie Deutches." I decided to honor her visit by drawing some of her characters.

There are a lot of auto-bio webcomics out there, let's face it. But "Ponyfarm" is exactly the type of auto-bio comic I can really get into i.e. one that is full of lies. Though Sarah herself is the main character, she is only sometimes the focus of the story - the other characters are Ngumbe, an elephant who wants to be Miles Davis, "El Fungo," a hot-headed Mexican mushroom, and Buttercup, who is just an adorable pony.

Here's the color version - I sorta rushed this, but I sense the potential for greatness.


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