Monday, April 19, 2010

BKLYN Recycle

Here's a drawing I did this weekend of the stoop of my old apartment building in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Here is an actual piece of dialogue that transpired on these steps some time in late '06, early '07:

Thug: Heymanyouliketoshmokeitdown?
Everett: What?
Thug: You like to shmokeitdown?
Everett: ... ... ... WHAT?
Thug: Weed, man. Do You Smoke It?
Everett: Oh. No.
Thug: ... seriously?

I'm trying to get better w/ the crow quill pen, but I think I'm going overboard. When every surface is peppered with detail, it all flattens out into an indecipherable mess. Next time, stronger blacks and whites to set off the grays.

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