Sunday, April 18, 2010

SNitLoE page 51

Part of what I want to do with this blog is get people excited about my up'n'coming graphic novel Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment. Many of my new professional comics friends have suggested that at this stage, it's better to work on many small projects than to pour one's self entirely into one big one - this reminds me of friendly advice in American Pie or The 40 Year-Old Virgin, except in this case, they have a good point. But I, still a Biggs or a Carrell at heart, can not take their advice literally. SNitLoE is too close to my heart for too many personal reasons, not least of all being that it's pretty much the only reason I started drawing again in spring of '09. I'm also convinced it's the only reason I even got my internship at Periscope Studios at all. Other than a few of the better Apostrophobia strips, which were four years old, SNitLoE was the only thing I had to prove to the Periscopers I wasn't a total cartooning novice. So while I spend Monday through Friday diligently drawing other stuff, the weekends are still dedicated to documenting the perils of the titular garage band, lost and separated in the endless deserts of southern New Mexico.

I am working through SNitLoE completely in order, one page at a time, and of an anticipated ~150, I have completed 71. In my opinion, that's an antihistamine number (by which I mean, it's nothing to sneeze at!) and if I were gonna give up, i think I would have done it by now. What you're looking at is page 51, one of the classic "lost in the desert" pages I was so excited about drawing . But how did Theo get out there? Why is the ground strewn with music equipment? This is not LOST; I really do have answers. But you'll have to read to find out!

"Fun" "Facts": The bird is the Cactus Finch, state bird of Arizona, whose call really is "cha cha cha." The plant stem is that of the rarely-flowering agave americana. Theo's tattoos (which can be seen more clearly in other panels) feature authentic Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Japanese! Maybe the finished comic will suck, but LET NO ONE SAY I DIDN'T DO MY RESEARCH!

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