Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let There Be Art Blog

Much smarter people than me (namely, the wonderful artists at Periscope Studios in Portland, OR, where I am interning) have suggested that I start a blog to show my art. You ought to have some kind of web presence, they say, and a blog is preferable to a typical gallery site for this reason: a potentially intere$ted per$on who reads your blog knows how recently and how frequently you are coming out with new art, and can easily trace your improvement. A gallery site only shows that at some point sometime in the past you did some art. For all the gallery reader knows, you haven't done anything new in years

Which for me was sadly true, for a few years after college anyway. But 2010 has brought a new period of unprecedented productivity which I might as well share with the world. Read this blog to see what I've drawn recently. For all my eagerly waiting fans (I know you're out there), I'll also be posting occasional sneak previews of my still-in-progress "graphic novel," Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment.

To kick things off, here's a drawing from about a week and a half ago, "Temptation."

What I like about it: My first use of hugely popular grayscale markers was not a complete disaster, mainly because I limited myself to only two. This was also the first time I did a digital layout for a drawing. (I printed that out, penciled over it, scanned that, printed it out in non-repro blue, and inked that. Phew! Don't think I could do that every time!) The goat-face was directly inspired by my favorite art-blogger, James Gurney.

What I don't like: I wasn't sure, but Periscope "floating assistant" (i.e. power behind the throne) Ben Dewey almost immediately spotted the essential problem with this type of image. An intentionally flat "stained-glass"-style layout, however appropriate to the subject matter, jives poorly with the minor hints of three-dimensionality and modern perspective (on the chair, the censer, etc.) Better to go with one or the other. Also, the chair is jabbing the demon's armpit.

My church choir makes us launder our own robes, which gave me the opportunity for photo-reference!


Stay tuned!

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